Car Free Day and a Bubble Tea Tattoo

On June 14th, it was one of Vancouver’s summertime Car Free Days, meaning certain main streets were closed to automobile traffic and people were free to enjoy the summer weather without looking before crossing the street :-)

I spent several hours with my friend Howard and some others on Main Street, not far from my old high school, listening to some different bands playing live sets, and generally just enjoying the sunshine.

This is DRMHLLR, a rock band that played instrumental songs which were really fun to listen to. The drummer’s facial expressions were also absolutely amazing! Didn’t catch any on camera though, as I only had my point-and-shoot with me.

A while later, Hey Ocean! played a set which was super fun, and toward the end some members of DRMHLLR and ‘randoms’ joined in so that there were something like 6 drummers for a while. It was terrific.

After the Car Free Day festivities had cooled down, I walked over to my friend Denise’s house to hang out while she got a new tattoo. In case you can’t tell from this small photo, that’s the stencil for a bubble tea tattoo on her leg:


After the tat was finished, me, Denise, her sister, and the tattoo artist went for… bubble tea of course! Here, you can see that the tattoo really is quite well done!