Snakes On A Plane!

Three things:

1. My new UPass ($22/month = unlimited all-zones public transit) arrived in the mail yesterday. I love the UPass so much that I scanned it this time to keep a record forever, since the photo rubs off after a few months of use in the machines.

2. I had a nice stay at Bowen Island. I was only there for one night, but it was nice to have lunch with Granny on her 97th birthday and see two of my cousins and my uncles as well. The real huge celebration is tomorrow but I’m working at the airport and can’t change it. Matt and Lisa went out windsurfing on the new windsurfer.

3. Last night was the opening night of Snakes on a Plane, one of the most anticipated movies of all time. And it was EPIC! It was by far the most amazing movie experience of my entire life. There’s no use trying to describe the crazy rowdiness of the crowd, everyone screaming, cheering, standing up and yelling at the screen, snakes and all sorts of other objects being thrown through the air at other moviegoers, etc etc etc. Everyone was in such a great state of mind, so happy to be there, and because no one in the crowd wanted to watch the movie in silence it gave everyone permission to participate actively. It was definitely highly interactive. I should also mention that friends and acquaintances of mine managed to occupy nearly the entire last two rows of the theatre.