A few days ago I went down to the Coastal Health Travel Clinic on Broadway to get immunized against even more diseases. I’ve been there so many times my little vaccination booklet has pages stapled into it!

This time, I only needed three things:

1) Tetanus booster
2) Meningitis booster
3) Cholera/E. Coli vaccination (I’ve had this one before but it needs to be retaken every time)

First, I got two shots for tetanus and meningitis

When I got home I had to take the cholera vaccine orally (ie swallow it). It’s not as simple as swallowing a pill. First you have to wait an hour after eating (then not eat for another hour afterwards).

Then you mix this crazy powder stuff in a glass of water and it goes all crazy fizzy!

… and add the vaccine liquid stuff:

Then you stirrrrrr it up with a chopstick!

Time to drink the crazy potion and wait to see what happens…

The result, five minutes later: